1. Who are you? What are your values and main life milestones that shaped you so far?

2. What is AIESEC for you?
    3. Why did you decide to apply to MC team and didn't chose long-term work with high salary? Why are you a suitable one for this role?

    4. How much money do you currently spend a month approximately? Write out your monthly budget based on 18,000 rubles.
    1. What determines the success of the MC team? For what are you ready to stand to the end and it will be worth any of your efforts?

    2. List all your AIESEC experiences. What were your main goals at AIESEC in main positions? Did you achieve it? If "yes" please describe how, if "no" please describe why didn't achieve. From these experiences, what are the key skills, competencies and personal learnings that you can bring to AIESEC in Russia in 21.22?
    3. What kind of leadership does AIESEC in Russia need in 21.22? How would you describe your leadership style?

    4. What do you see as the main trends shaping the world and Russia in 2020? How do you see the role of AIESEC in Russia in the light of those trends
    1. Analyse results of ALL ICX products, formats and programs in 18.19, 19.20 and 20.21 MC term. Explain reasons of drop and growth, main achievements, learnings and failures of each term. Add data and analysis about IR partnerships for 3 last terms (include MC AIR)
    7. How should iCX look like in 2025 and 2030? What should be changed now?
    2. How BD-ICX synergy should looks like? Describe an agenda for the 1st synergy meeting. What is a measures of successful synergy. Which kind of bottlenecks you see in BD-iCX synergy now? Which products we sell with BD? If you can choose only CSR or iGT sales, what will you choose? Why? How do you see communication BD-iCX-LCs in case of CSR and iGT sales?
    8. What is the main idea of your term? How it will invest into the AIESEC in Russia? Describe your strategy and focuses with KPIs. Why this direction is relevant for iCX and AiR? Show bottlenecks in department in 20.21 MC term.
    3. Currently we make Local Volunteer project. Describe your vision about future of this product. Why we focus on this type of project in GV? What is the relevance of LV for country, AiR and LCs?
    9. What are the main focuses you will have in September, January and April, and what results should be achieved at these moments in order to achieve your main goal?
    4. How do you see the work with you department and synergies? Explain all your routine. Make a calendar for a week including all your routine.
    10. What should you do at May and July so your strategy start to implement?
    5. Compose customer journey: describe what stages he goes through, with whom he comes in contact and which channels he uses. Highlight from 3 to 5 problems at each stage and suggest at least 5 ideas how we can solve these problems? Add results of interview with 15 EPs from different products, formats. You should add customer interviews with EPs from the last 3 terms (include MC AIR)
    11. Create a structure of NST and ST ICX. Describe all areas of responsibility for MC VP ICX in AIESEC in Russia (all products, functionals, initiatives, etc)
    6. Create an agenda for your 1st commission call.
    You should complete this task till the interview with MCPe.
    Successfully pitch your project during 2 stages. Create your own project (not a global project and which was not done even earlier in AIR). It should consist of content, take a comment on it from an expert, budget, risk management, market research with 5 companies and 2 NGOs)
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