MC VP 24.25
Hello, dear applicant!

I'm happy to see you here. No matter if you open it because of curiosity or your desire to apply on position. This is your first step and you’re in the beggining of the exciting experience you may have for Unbelievable Russia and yourself.

Being a leader for the entity means a lot. It’s a great honor, because your actions contribute to the whole generetion of AIESECers. The thoughts, intentions and messages you will give them, will be with them for long time. Of course, you will face a challenging enviroment, but it will make you stronger.

Leadership can be different and that’s what makes this experience more diverse and unforgetable. Right now AIESEC in Russia needs diverse leadership like never before. Right now AIESEC in Russia needs you to grow as leader for youth.

DDL of application
27 of May (Application sent after deadline will not be accepted)
29 of May (Interview is going to be in English)
Functional Interview
18 or 19 of March (Interview is going to be in Russian for native, In English for externals)
Team Structure
  • MC VP OD
  • MC VP TM&Expansions
  • MC VP Finance
  • MC VP Marketing&PR
  • MC VP RV
  • MC VP BD

1. CV (including numbers and results of your previous experiences);

2. Questionnaire (includes general and functional questions). You need to answer all questions on the first priority and 5 questions (in bold) on the 2nd priority; The strategies should be attach to both priorities.

*10 pages including cover max. You can additionally insert links to strategy and analysis. Don't forget to number all questions.

3. Three endorsement letters (from someone you led, someone who led you, teammate) *with a signature on each endorse;

4. Motivational video (why is important for you to be a leader of AiR, what drives you to be on this position and where do you want to take AiR as MC VP) *max 3 minutes.

5. Biography (a one-page description of who you are. Maximum 1 page).

6. Attach the test results (16 personalities and Belbin Teamroles);

The whole application has to be sent in google folder format

Send it to,, with subject [MCVP Application | Name Surname].

7. Blank Paper Challenge (what will you stand for AIESEC in Russia. Maximum 1 page).

DDL: 27.05 23:59 GMT +3

Applications sent after deadline will not be accepted

The role and responsibilities of MCVP

1. Represent AIESEC in Russia at International conferences and to all our stakeholders (Government, business, NGO's, media, universities, etc.)

2. Building up mutual benefit relationships between AIESEC in Russia and other entities

Planning & Review

1.Setting the national focus areas

2. Set the strategic direction for AIESEC in Russia

3. Developing national plan

4. Developing functional & individual plan for your area

LCs Mentoring

1. Support LCs in planning activities

2. Follow up on LCs performance in different areas

3. LC to MC alignment

4. MC to LC communication

5. LC visits, attend and support in holding big LC events

6. Consultancy for LC's general Issues

Functional Work

1. Strategy development and implementation

2. Commission and Network Management

3. Innovations and optimisation of work

4. Synergy helding

Information management
  1. Recording GCPs (Good Case Practice) of the country

2. Gathering GCPs from other countries

3. Transition guidelines (MC and LC level)

4. Tracking and saving all the files and materials used

5. Managing files and archives of the MC

6. Annual report

Team Activities

1. Take a part in team activities

2. Create team spaces

3. Live it fully!

The role and responsibilities of MCVP
Agenda management
  1. Overall responsible for the conference agenda

2. Define with MC team the conference objectives

3. Gather inputs from MC team (especially MC VP TM and MC VP OD) for sessions of the Conference and consulting the LCs on these matters

4. Follow up on the Track managers in coordination the FACI (meetings, session outlines)

Conference Management
  1. Coordinate between MC, Chair, Faci and CC

2. Support the CC in building the conference 3. The MC link with the CC

4. Coordinate with CC on the logistical needs

5. FACI selection (application process, interview, selection)

6. Tracking of Agenda Manager

7. Choosing with the MC a proper chair for the conference

8. Building up the conference timeline and ensure follow-up

9. Gathering and compiling conference output and ensuring

Conference Facilitation

Developing session outlines and delivering functional content related to a specific department and general AIESEC in Russia trends

MC Routine

Work schedule. From Monday to Friday the official working day starts at 10:00 and ends at 18:00 GMT+3. Be aware that Russia have a lot time zones and many calls with LC's will be possible to held only after 18:00. Saturday and Sunday is official weekends. Be aware that Team activities and conferences may held at the weekends and will require full attendance.

Holidays / days off. Official Russian holidays are weekends (if there are no national touchpoints).
In case you need to take additional day off or go to your home city you need to warn MCP in advanced and delegate your functional work to another MC member. (no more than 2 days in a row)
Sick leave is granted for a maximum of 7 days (you need to find your replacement).

MC Salary & Transition. MC members will receive a monthly compensation for living expenses of 20 000 RUB. It's enough to cover basic costs (food, transport).
There will be no salary for the transition month, accept June in this month cMC and eMC divide the salary.
Accommodation will be provided at the MC flat / local hosts during transition.

Term. Your online transition will start from the moment you are elected, after that be ready to share your JD with current MC member for practical experience.
The elected MC team will be required to start physical transition from the 25th of June 2024, The MC elect team will take over responsibility on 1st July 2024. All the MC applicants must be available to continue their JD physically until the 30st of June 2025.
eMC members will need to be on the RusCo conference in April (from 18-21 of April, Moscow).

Accomodation. (The city of residence has not yet been precisely determined, be ready to move. The term will most likely begin in St. Petersburg. Accommodation in MC flat is covered.
Be aware that it is needed to share a room with someone. Before you apply, be sure you agree with this scenario.
The MCPe and MC VPes will discuss where to allocate the MC members.)

Who can apply? Any active AIESEC member with completed EB or MC experience from any national or local committee in the world can apply for the MC position in AIESEC in Russia.
*LCP Experience is preferable for OD role.
General Questions
1. Who are you? What are your values and main life milestones that shaped you so far?
2. Why did you decide to apply to MC team? Why this is your first priority as next opportunity in your life?
3. What are your top 3 priorities (explain it) and what do you want to take out of this experience?
4. What unique opportunities and challenges will AIESEC face in the next 3 years? What will be the strategic role of your term in this context?

5. Whar is your leadership style and principles? How can you capitalize on them during MCVP term? What are your weaknesses and how you will manage it?

Organization development
1. Analyze what has been done for OD in the past three years. (National OD Model / OD Processes). What are the next steps for these two projects? How would you make it happen?
2. What are the main risks and potential crisis that might affect AIESEC in the near future? How would you avoid/minimize as MC VP OD their influence on the organisation?
3. What does network strategy consist of? What needs to be implemented in order to align LCs with national strategy 23|24 and make it effectively? List 3 main initiatives that should be done to implement it.
4. Analyze LC GA for 3 years. Highlight the main trends. What changes need to be made to achieve at least 80% of LCs goals?
5. Choose 2 LCs with different scales (EB 23.24) and analyze their performance and explain how you would work with them, ensuring sustainable growth for both in the next year?
Talent Management&Expansions
1.Analyse TM data of the last 3 MC terms (from 21.22 to 23.24). What is your main conclusions? Mention your three main focus for the term 24.25 and clear action steps, MOS, KPIs. Present your strategy.
2.Evaluate the current state of the membership retention in AIESEC Russia. Through the analysis of the national Retention Rate since 2021, identify the main bottlenecks of TM in the entity and give at least 3 main suggestions for improvement.
3.Analyse Membership Survey for the term 23.24 and make an WWW analysis (what went well, what didn't go well, what can be improved)
4.Write 5 (or more) tactics that will upgrade Recruitment funnel on the lowest levels.
5.Describe the structure of Expansions department you want to see? What role and JD will each position has?
6.Analyze the timeline of the opening of the Local Committee. Suggest options for improving the timeline
Analyze the ambassador program. What changes need to be made to increase the conversion of ambassador-leader of the initiative group?
1. Name TOP-3 bottleneck in a work with LCs and how you will manage this factor?
2.Make a budget for the term 24.25.
3.What is stable budget and how to work on LCs budgets to make them more stable?
4.Analyse the context of the debt of AIESEC in Russia to AI and make a debt repayment plan.
5.How will you work on the legal part of MC team. Suggest 3 ideas.
6.Right now we need to have growth in OD clusters of LCs. How you as MC VP Finance will influence on it? Name 4 ideas.
Outgoing Global Exchanges
1. Analyze the statistics for the terms (21.22, 22.23, 23.24) in OGT product. What do you see as the bottlenecks? Offer at least 3 solutions that will help us make bigger result. .
2. Analyze OGT funnel, what is our growth area in it? How will you work on these stages? Name 3 ideas for each stage.
3. Analyse competitors of OGT and OGV product. How can we upgrade our CX to be 1st priority of youth in international internships? Name 5 tactics.
4. Analyse our IR partners. Make a list of partners and on which product and field you will work with them.
5. .How you see IR collaborations on the LCs level and how you can develop it?
6. Make a plan of OGV opening and next running in LCs.
7. What should be improved on the LCs level in MOGT synergy? Name 5 ideas.
Russian Volunteer
1. Analyze current situation in AIESEC in Russia. What do you see as bottlenecks? Offer at least 3 solutions that will help us make bigger results.
2. Analyze current LC2LC collaboration standards and management. Suggest 10 changes that can boost LC2LC collaboration
3. Make statistics for 2 years in each product. Analyze and draw conclusions from statistics. what are the bottlnecks? What do you see? What should be the focus to improve statistics? Is there a difference between regions or not?
4. Analyse national convertions for the MC terms 22.23 and 23.24, which tendecies do you see? How do you see MRV synergies on national level? Suggest 3 tactics for improving through MRV synergy.
5. What changes from the MC level will allow for a minimum of 7 LC have iRV department?
1. Analyze the alternatives for our internship in the market and offer 5 ideas that can increase our sales.
(Recommendation - to analyze the value proposition, who their consumers are, how they position themselves).
2. We strive to engage and develop every young person in Russia. How can we increase our reach? Suggest at least 5 solutions.
3. How do you see the work with you department and synergies? Make a calendar for a week including all your routine.
4. Analyze our current distribution channels (through what our customers know about us). What are the bottlenecks in each channel? Offer 3 ideas to help make our product more salable through our channels.
5. Currently CTR (click rate) of our social media and other channels is 1%, our goal is to increase it to 10%. Suggest solutions on how to do that.
6. Imagine you have 15 ESTs and 15 VPs. How will you build your routine so you will achieve your goals and will develop your people?
Business Development
1. Analyse offline forums as a product on Russian's market. Make SWOT and competitors analysis.
2. Analyse the needs of Russian's market and name 5 ideas how to make our offline and online forums more competitive (name 5 for offline and 5 for online).
3. How do you see expansion of BD portfolio? What you will save and what you will change?
4. Create tracking system for CCP
5. Imagine you have 3 events at the same time, but one of them will be in one month, one will happen in 3 month and one will happen in 5 months, how will you work with CCPs?
6. How will you ensure CC team will have 100% GA?

  • MC team
    Daria Antipenkova - MCP (@da_llum)
    Serafima Sedyakina - MC VP OGX&TM (seeusoonxo)
    Julia Kuzmina - MC VP OD&RV&Expansions (@kuzmina_julia)
    Diana Zhukovskaya - MC VP Finance&B2B (@litt_di)
    Evgenia Poletaeva - MC VP Marketing&EwA (@PoletaevaEvgenia)
    Melnichenko Arina - MC VP BD (@arimel28)
  • LCPs 24.25
    Akrami Anushervonkhoni - SPUEF (@itzshervon)
    Alexandra Shlyapnikova - Perm (@velkolepnii)
    Anastasia Leonova - Rostov-on-Don (@leananastya)
    Anastasia Pleshakova - Tyumen (@ensomhett)
    Anastasia Lipkovskaya - ENGEC&GUAP (@limp_ochka)
    Alina Muhtasipova - Ufa (@bbb131v)
    Drozdova Natalia - Moscow (@netesssh)
    Parshina Sonia - Voronezh (@s_sp_sp_s)
    Stalmakova Julia - Ekaterinburg (@stalmakova00)
    Varvara Proskurina - Nizhniy Novgorod (@glitcherrrry)
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