1. Who are you? What are your values and main life milestones that shaped you so far?

2. What is AIESEC for you?
    3. Why did you decide to apply to MC team and didn't chose long-term work with high salary? Why are you a suitable one for this role?

    4. How much money do you currently spend a month approximately? Write out your monthly budget based on 18,000 rubles.
    1. What determines the success of the MC team? For what are you ready to stand to the end and it will be worth any of your efforts?

    2. List all your AIESEC experiences. What were your main goals at AIESEC in main positions? Did you achieve it? If "yes" please describe how, if "no" please describe why didn't achieve. From these experiences, what are the key skills, competencies and personal learnings that you can bring to AIESEC in Russia in 21.22?
    3. What kind of leadership does AIESEC in Russia need in 21.22? How would you describe your leadership style?

    4. What do you see as the main trends shaping the world and Russia in 2020? How do you see the role of AIESEC in Russia in the light of those trends
    1. Which functional do you want to run the most? Why?
    What are your main ideas in this area?
    7. How would you evaluate the current culture of AIESEC in Russia? What are the behaviors, beliefs and mindsets that currently exist, and how do you see these changing in your term? What action steps would you take to facilitate this change?
    2. What are the main risks and potential crisis that might affect AIESEC in the near future? How can we avoid/minimize as MC team their influence on the organisation?
    8. What is our unique selling proposition for companies? What ides of new offers to companies do you have?
    3. Analyze current situation in AIESEC in Russia in oGX. What do you see as bottlenecks? Offer at least 3 solutions that will help make sustainable bigger results.
    9. How would you ensure that members are staying in AIESEC and having longer AIESEC career? Include in your response strategies on how to increase the current NPS of AIESEC in Russia. Take into consideration that we are mainly working with Gen Z.
    4. What is your IR strategy for oGX? How can we make system in commission where every VP will use it? What is the system?
    10. What innovations can help to expand AIESEC in Russia? Explain how it will work?
    5. What opinion about our products was formed in the minds of our consumers: what is important for them, what are our advantages and disadvantages from the point of view of the end user? Based on this suggest 3 ideas how we can sell our products and pilot ideas on potential customers. (Recommendation - to conduct at least 10 interviews with members of the VK group who have not tried our product yet. Attach the results of interview and piloting to the application)
    11. Analyze the alternatives for our internship in the market and offer 5 ideas that can increase our sales.
    (Recommendation - to analyze the value proposition, who their consumers are, how they position themselves)
    6. We strive to engage and develop every young person in Russia. How can we increase our reach? Suggest at least 5 solutions.
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